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Hot issues for Naples and Fort Myers Security Guards
  • Local law enforcement informs our officers that they are seeing a spike in vehicle burglaries this summer. Frequently, the victims’ vehicle has been left unlocked, and/or there are valuables in plain view.
  • Unlocked or poorly secured homes in Southwest Florida have been burglarized while the occupants left the home unattended for a short period of time.
  • Census- related scams are occurring nationwide.
  • Seniors continue to be the target of scams.
Vehicle Burglaries High Priority for Naples and Fort Myers Security Guards and Law Enforcement.
At Barefoot Security, our security officers have been notified of a spike in vehicle burglaries in Collier and Lee County. We recommend the following steps to our clients:
  • Every time you leave your vehicle, use every security feature available, including windows, locks clubs, alarms, etc.
  • Leave your valuables at home, not in your car, and never in plain sight. Thieves often bypass cars that have no valuables in sight.
  • Know what constitutes a “valuable” Even a used CD is worth $3-$4 at a pawn shop. Small change and a couple loose bills may be worth the effort to a petty thief.
  • Be aware that thieves are watching parking lots. They will notice you placing your purse in the trunk, or a female walking away from her vehicle without a purse.
  • Notify law enforcement and/or security whenever you see something that does not look quite right.
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With Barefoot Security Services your home security is very important to us.
* Sliding glass doors are the most vulnerable area of your home. Keep them locked when you go out. It is strongly recommended that you add an aftermarket lock to your sliding glass doors.

* A great percentage of home burglaries involve stolen jewelry and cash. Seasoned thieves attempt to enter your home by the simplest way possible, proceed to the master suite and quickly remove these valuables. The total time a burglar spends in your home may be less than one minute! Almost everyone stores jewelry and cash in the master bedroom or master bath. Simply storing valuables in another area of the home greatly reduces the chances it will be stolen. In the kitchen, fake soda cans, chip bags, cereal boxes, etc. are all places that are not likely to be examined by a thief in a hurry. Pockets of clothing in a spare bedroom are also time consuming places to search.

* Be alert for things that are out of order in your neighborhood. Is there a different pool company next door? A man in worker's clothes with a clipboard down the street? Have you noticed a landscaper's routine has changed? Criminals often try to blend in and draw as little attention as possible. If something seems unusual, contact your local law enforcement agency and let them know what is going on. If the suspect feels he or she is being observed, they will often move on to find an easier mark. Get to know your neighbors, and keep an eye on things for each other.

* If you will be relaxing in the back of your home, remember to close your garage door, and secure other doors to your home that are not easily monitored.

* Keep your car locked and valuables hidden, even in your driveway. Many homes are entered by using the garage door opener left in an unlocked car.
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