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Vehicle Burglaries High Priority for Naples and Fort Myers Security Guards and Law Enforcement.
At Barefoot Security, our security officers have been notified of a spike in vehicle burglaries in Collier and Lee County. We recommend the following steps to our clients:
  • Every time you leave your vehicle, use every security feature available, including windows, locks clubs, alarms, etc.
  • Leave your valuables at home, not in your car, and never in plain sight. Thieves often bypass cars that have no valuables in sight.
  • Know what constitutes a “valuable” Even a used CD is worth $3-$4 at a pawn shop. Small change and a couple loose bills may be worth the effort to a petty thief.
  • Be aware that thieves are watching parking lots. They will notice you placing your purse in the trunk, or a female walking away from her vehicle without a purse.
  • Notify law enforcement and/or security whenever you see something that does not look quite right.
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